The sun is getting stronger with us.

The Pioneer in Renewable Energy

Inosolar Led Lighting and Solar Energy Systems

With the aim of transforming the power of the sun into sustainable success, Inosolar produces solutions for adding value to the renewable energy sector with its products and services at international quality standards. In the sense of sustainability, Inosolar works for the widespread use of cheap, clean and renewable solar energy both locally in our country and in the world. Inosolar collaborates with the German Wagner Solar having 42 years of experience in the sector and as a panel partner is also working together with Solar World in the projects.

Why Solar Energy?


Contrary to the harm that fossil fuels have on the environment, solar energy is harmless, renewable and carbon-free.


Compared to alternative electical production methods, solar energised production maintenance costs are trivial. Further, after 25 years of usage, panels continue to work with a minimum of 80% performance. Therefore, solar-based electricity generation is a long lasting and profitable investment.


Solar energy systems are an investment that ensures predictable income in the long run while amortizing the installation cost in a reasonable amount of time.


Solar energy is abundant in nature and a free energy source that will protect its existence for 5 billion years.


Solar energy is one of the world’s most democratic energy sources in almost every region where energy is needed.


With government incentives since 2011, solar energy investments have become one of the most advantageous investment options.

Our Partners

One of Turkey’s largest solar power plants fed by a single root is located in a unlicenced single area.